Paint & Powder Coat

We produce high quality paint jobs for our customers needs. We have any custom color you could want including color-shifting pigments and more. Please call for pricing.

We provide chroming, and powder coating.
Our chrome plating process utilizes semi-bright and bright nickel, copper and chromium within a 24-step procedure. This ensures you are receiving the best quality plating job possible.

Color Chrome is plated with the same process but with a different final black stage added.
* Chrome Turn Around Time 4 To 6 Weeks.     * Anodizing Aluminum Also Available




Powder coating is a dry finishing process in which a powder, consisting of finely ground particles of pigment and resin, is given an electrostatic charge and sprayed on the part to be coated. The charge holds the powder to the part until the curing oven melts and fuses the powder to a uniform coating. We carry standard, pearls, metallic and candy colors.