Dyno Tuning


Why to Dyno Tune By ZRPC

Your engine’s computer is already tuned to work with the components that came with it. But when you modify or change those factory parts, your engine is no longer optimized, the computer map is no longer calibrated to the components on your bike, and you need to re-map. This is what Dyno tuning is about. If your motorcycle has a new exhaust system, high-performance air filter, or other more exotic engine modifications like a turbo system, you will greatly benefit from having fuel delivery and ignition timing that matches the engine’s new characteristics.
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ZRPC Has the cutting-edge technology available to do just that.
By measuring torque, horsepower, engine RPM and the air/fuel ratio for your motorcycle, ZRPC creates custom air/fuel maps that will match your motorcycle’s engine configuration. While many aftermarket electronic fuel injection EFI controllers come with a base fuel map for your year, make and model of bike, no two engines are the same, and power tuning with the engine under load on a dynamometer is the only way to ensure optimum performance. Dyno tuning your motorcycle will offer smoother running, better roll-on acceleration, more power and additional fuel efficiency. ZRPC specializes in tuning and modifying Dynojet’s Power Commander all models and other EFI tuners

Baseline Dyno run
Checks for air/fuel ratio, torque and horsepower for your current engine configuration. In addition, recommendations for engine performance enhancements are provided.

Custom Fuel Map
Includes as Meany Dyno runs as needed. All fuel maps are guaranteed for 1 year. Any changes to the engine will be remapped at a discount

Fuel Injected Tuning

Priced Flat Rate

Carburetor Tuning Adjustments 

Priced Per. Hour


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